Monday, October 4, 2010

Every Distance is Not Near / Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery

Untitled (You Light Up My Life) by Debra Baxter

There's a new exhibition opening up this Thursday by 3 of Seattle's most interesting artists (4, if you include the catalog designer) that's a total don't miss! The catch is that if you want to see it, you have to head down to Reno.

Drawer (detail), by Jenny Heishman
photo by Adam L. Weintraub

Debra Baxter, Dawn Cerny and Jenny Heishman are presenting new work built around a line from Bob Dylan's I Shall be Released (channeled through Nina Simone). Gretchen Bennett designed the catalog. Debra Baxter continues her laboriously carved sculptures that read like post-Holzer truisms of self-love and bad-ass one liners. Dawn Cerny has smashed her drawings, formed some pieces into sculptures and left other pieces sitting where they landed. Jenny Heishman has created artificial landscapes built around patterns, texture and color.

Untitled by Dawn Cerny

If you're in the area, be sure to stop by. The show is up through November 5th.


db said...

Thanks should see the awesomeness that is happening here in reno...It will be such a good show. i hope we can get good installation pics.xo

Joey Veltkamp said...

Awesome! I hope you folks get lots of great pics. Wish I could be there.