Friday, September 10, 2010

Take your pick of art!

NYC Disco (1980s) by Joey Veltkamp

Tonight Bherd Studios (part of the Greenwood Collective) is hosting a show called You're So Vain. Curated by Chris Sheridan and Kate Protage, ten different artists present their take on self-portraiture.

NO! by Brian Gillis (image via KAC)

Tonight you can swing by the Henry to hear visiting artist Brian Gillis talk about his current show (opening tomorrow) at Kirkland Arts Center. Free for members. Curious? You should be!
"NO! will bring together a tank, a hydroponic grow room, a safe-dialer, and
fully-functional reprographics center in an effort to understand how “NO!” can
be affirmative."

Work No. 360 by Martin Creed (image via WB)

Martin Creed will be showing 4 pieces at Western Bridge (exhibit officially opens up Saturday, 9/11).

"I think that the best things get under people's skin, make them remember them.
People aren't stupid. They know what's fake and what's not. They respond to
things. Art is just things in the world, usually an arrangement of colour and
shapes. It's people who have the feelings and the reactions." - Martin Creed

Overturn, 2000 by Primitivo Suarez-Wolfe (image via OS)

Tonight, Open Satellite is having an reception for their latest show Set-apart from Memory by Time, new work by California artist Primitivo Suarez-Wolfe.

"Three related, yet distorted hallways highlight and explore notions of intimacy,
distance, and continuity in terms of their relationship to spatial perception,
particularly senses of contraction and expansion."


Also tonight: Lullaby Moon

Opening up tomorrow night is the kick-off for Hedreen Gallery's 5 week series, Face Time. First up, Anne Mathern and Mike Pham!

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Anonymous said...

I love self-portraits. Definitely going to have to check that one out.