Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Seaside, Oregon

I took an old friend up on an offer to get of town this past weekend. We cruised down to Seaside and I had the best trip. Using Bond Huberman's "Illuminating Things" as a loose template, here are my highlights.

  1. I am such a hillbilly so it's nice to remember that there is life off the hill. (Yes, most of you already realize this.)
  2. Apparently, I can go 24 hours without drinking a Pabst.
  3. As ADD as I am, I was happily surprised to find out that I can quietly sit on a beach for hours watching the fog roll in and out.
  4. If you get caught beneath hundreds of flying seagulls, push Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds out of your head and just enjoy the moment. It can be magical.
  5. I won't get in Lake Washington if the weather is below 75 degrees. The ocean, however, feels fantastic - even when it's only in the 60s.
  6. It would be a better world if everyone was told that they are too hunky for their own good at least once a month. :)

Good news - I believe I'll have a computer back tonight and will resume regular blogging. Thanks for your patience. xo


Regina Hackett said...

You are too hunky for your own good.

Joey Veltkamp said...

Oh!! You are too sweet. xo