Wednesday, September 15, 2010

POP THIS / Troy Gua & Mike Leavitt

The Kims, or The Lil’ Kim Jong Il by Troy Gua

I can be a bit geographically challenged (see my previous post) but hopefully you are more adventurous that I am. If you are, I'd like to recommend a great day trip to see some great art up (or is it over?) in Port Townsend.

Troy Gua and Mike Leavitt have combined forces in a show about pop culture called Pop This. I know that "pop" is a dirty world for some of you but not to me - I love it. The candy colors, unusual materials, glossy surfaces, and cultural references all line up perfectly for me.

installation shot (via Troy Gua)

In fact, I'd say that this show really highlights the fact that Mike and Troy can make pop art like few others. If you're curious as to why they make pop art or what inspired their individual pieces, you should head up on Sunday, Sept 26 at 1pm for their artist lecture.

Cardboard Chuck Taylor by Mike Leavitt

You might have already seen one of Mike's pieces - it was on the cover of The Stranger last week.

More information here. Also, if you'd like to know more about Troy, here's an interview we did a while back.

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Troy Gua said...

Thanks so much for the great post, Joey!! Yay for POP!!