Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lawrimore Project 2.0

Favorites, Picture Taken 8:00pm, August 20, 2010
Leica M6, Polaroid (2002), balsamic vinegar, Jack Daniels,
empty cigarette box, jar of aniline dye, silver gelatin photogram (2002)
by Isaac Layman

Hell, yes! Lawrimore Pojrect is open in their new location. Isaac Layman's Taking Pictures will be the inaugural exhibit. There's a brand new website with a stripped down roster that's nearly all local artists. Leo Saul Berk, Matt Browning, Cris Bruch, Elias Hansen, Jennie C. Jones, Isaac Layman, Lead Pencil Studio, Susie J. Lee, Tivon Rice, Susan Robb, SuttonBeresCuller, and Alex Schweder La.

A big congratulations to Scott - we're all dying to check out the new space and raise a glass!

Via email:

Has Art?

This, therefore, will have been an exhibition. The dice will have been cast and they will have come up double sixes—twelve months for twelve solo throws. As the future will have perhaps been perfect, this exhibition and a publication will have been evolving—a constellation will have laid bare its erection. Each month, artists will have been pitted against the lodestar—Stéphane Mallarmé’s A Throw of the Dice Will Never Abolish Chance. Twelve individual pages for twelve individual artists, not in the service of one illustrating the other, but rather paired in opposition and contrast to expose their unique heavens. This ultimate meeting with probability will have been consecrated by writers whose own sidereal light was emitted inaccord with such obliquity. The chancele hasard—will have been a stellar outcome. NOTHING WILL HAVE TAKEN PLACE BUT THE PLACE, EXCEPT PERHAPS A CONSTELLATION.
Has Art?

New address:
117 S. Main Street, Suite 101
Seattle, Washington, 98104
Telephone: (206) 501-1231


Anonymous said...

that's a sad group of favorties...

Concerned artists said...

That's a wack press release too. Are you trying to confuse us to sound intelligent? It's working against you.

Anonymous said...

Concerned artists:

you sound really interesting.

Please bring your press releases down to the gallery and we can compare notes.

No, really.