Thursday, September 16, 2010

Joe Penrod / Fulcrum Gallery

I'm not exactly sure why but I've always loved shadows. Maybe it's the whole yin/yang thing of needing light to see the darkness. Tacoma artist Joe Penrod is also in love with shadows but in a bit of a different way. Using blue painter's tape, Joe is interested in capturing time as it relates to objects.

Tonight at Fulcrum Gallery, Joe will be hosting a reception for hist latest show about this idea.
"Object permanence is the concept that allows us to understand that objects continue to exist in time and space even when we cannot see, hear, or touch them. We come to accept this as children when a toy that disappears from our sight is spotted again or when our mother leaves the room but soon returns. Without this understanding, objects would have no separate, permanent existence outside our personal interaction with them."
image via Sundance Blog

The reception is at Fulcrum Gallery from 6-9pm. More info here.


Molo said...

oh SNAP!!!

This must have been the guy who did a street sign shadow in blue tape like 2 years ago on the corner of the Frye Art Museum (Columbia and Terry). I loved seeing that piece, plus, I didn't have to get out the graffiti wipes to clean it off, being on the street and all.

It lasted quite a while, slowly got destroyed by cars/weather. Good stuff.

Joe said...

That was me.