Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gretchen Bennett on Governor's Island

studio on Governor's Island

If you read this blog much, you probably have already realized that I'm pretty much always interested in what Gretchen Bennett is up to. Here are some studio shots and recent works.

Of course I was really interested to hear that she's looking for owls. One of the most amazing things about Gretchen (it's a pretty long list!) is her ability to quietly spot wildlife. "Do you see that beaver? How about the nest of red robins?" Usually after about a couple minutes of her pointing, I'll finally be able to see them. Her eagle-eye focus isn't just used for spotting wildlife. She'll also use it to spot stickers on her urban walks or curved pieces of wood on her nature walks.

Turner and Ruskin

It looks like she's still doing lots of thinking about J. M. W. Turner and Turner advocate/artist John Ruskin.

I'm loving these text pieces of found wood. I also love her use of the floor as the best way to display work. My first inclination is always to put items like these on a shelf (to 'elevate' them). She keeps it simple; if it's found on the ground, keep it there.

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