Thursday, September 30, 2010

[The American Context #3] American Gothic / Luke Haynes

[The American Context #3] American Gothic by LUKE Haynes
90" x 90", fabric

"This piece lies at the intersection of fine art lore and functional creativity.

My work deals with quilts as a media and fabric as my tool for expression.

The fabric comprising the background of this piece comes from used textiles, garments, towels, table runners, etc. This speaks to the history implicit in quilt making calling back to the times when quilts were made from any and all fabric available as a means to keep warm during the night. Making quilts from clothes and cast off textiles brings to the piece a series of stories and histories imbued in the fabric already, making the quilt an amalgam of the community from which it was created. In this case its fabric from Seattle.

The image is a re-appropriation of an iconic piece of American art, taking a more contemporary look at the subjects and the population of todays time. The people are my friends, though they represent to the viewers a generation of people to respond to as peers rather than figures known by their inherent notoriety.

Its a "pop" interpretation of high art made as a functional item.

Plus its cool looking." - LUKE Haynes

View the work in person at Gallery LUKE 604 (former Howard House location). Open on First Thursday Oct. 7.

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