Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Galen McCarty Turner / Gaytron the Imploder

I wish I didn't already have plans this Saturday or else I'd be driving down to Tacoma for this.

Gaytron the Imploder (aka Galen McCarty Turner) will perform his 2nd Bike Jump, "...3 inches of sheer terror, a life-defying implosion of rare stimulated gasses combustigated from 90,000 volts of raditude. In layman’s terms, Gaytron will be jumping a bike through a wall of dirty, handmade, panty-melting neon tubing setup in the alley."

Want to know more about Galen's adorably off-kilter art? Here's a piece City Arts did on him. Or check it out in person this Saturday.

Where: the alley of 6th and “I” Street in Tacoma
When: Saturday, Aug 21 at 8pm
Why: Fundraiser for 2nd Cycle

Updated: Bond already let you all know about this on CAB yesterday afternoon.

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