Thursday, August 26, 2010

Andrew Rubinstein / Collins Pub

Squint Precision by Andrew Rubinstein

If you've been wondering what Billy Howard has been up to, you can stop wondering. Starting with this 1st Thursday (Sept 2), he'll be curating a series of Howard House Projects for Collins Pub. Each month, there will be a new from an artist/artists ranging from emerging to well-established.

Approximately There by Andrew Rubinstein

First up is artist Andrew Rubinstein and his colorful oil on board paintings. In a small way, they remind of the what I love about Adam Sorensen's paintings; the crazy color combinations, the fluidity and hint of imaginary worlds.

Where: Collins Pub
When: Sept 2 - Oct 2
Reception: Sept 2, 6-8pm


Skeeter said...

Andrew's images leave the viewer with one foot on the ground and the other in a different time and place. His ability to fuse color, multi-dimensional shapes and textures is bar none amazing. Wish I could have the same show in Minneapolis.

Jed Kaufman said...

An amazing amalgam of emotion that takes the viewer through their own interpretation through time and space.

Richard Bullock said...

Andrew's work is fanciful and refreshing in its apparent simplicity. Of course, it isn't simple at all and that is part of why the pieces continue to interest and even grow on the viewer who does become a participant, following the flow of color and the morphing of forms.

We are all delighted to see that Billy only changed venues and continues to work and play on the front lines of Seattle's art scene. This town needs his informed and insightful artistic vision.