Sunday, July 4, 2010

Thunderbitch / Kickstarter

By now you've heard about Daniel R. Smith's latest project, Thunderbitch, a 40+ year survey of women designers in the Northwest.
"From DIY Xerox flyers for bands you’ve never heard of to big budget rock albums that sold in the millions, women designers have shaped the visual identity of music in the Pacific Northwest since at least the late 1960s. Some never considered themselves designers, simply making Xerox posters out of necessity to promote their bands. Some are artists and illustrators synonymous with various music genres and some are career graphic designers. Thunderbitch is the first attempt to document these women artists and their work."
The show opens up at Tether Design Gallery in just over at month (Aug 5) and includes such powerhouses as Ellen Forney, Lynda Barry, Kathleen Hanna, Neko Case, Alice Wheeler, Judith Bissell, Bon Von Wheelie and many, many more. Many of the posters in the show are super rare and so Dan wants to publish a catalog as well. He's got lots of generous donations (Tether and Mohawk Paper) and now just has to raise the actual hard costs of printing (Girlie Press is offering a substantial discount) of $4,000.

He's signed up with Kickstarter where you have a set amount of time to raise a set amount of money. If you don't meet your goal, everyone is off the hook for pledging. So far, this project has only raised 48% of what they need and they only have 13 more days left to raise it. If you want to own a piece of Seattle history, you can pledge $20 and receive a copy of the catalog. It seems like we rarely get catalogs for great shows here in Seattle so this would be a great document. Full info on how to donate here

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