Friday, July 16, 2010


Okay, now that my opening is over, I can start my regular blogging again and get back to the good stuff - all the amazing art here in Seattle! Thanks again for your patience.

Ann Buchanan's Screen Test by Andy Warhol

If you want to do something artsy tonight and still need a reason (I can give you plenty) to see Marisa Sánchez' Andy Warhol show, you should swing by SAM tonight for Shaw Osha's My Favorite Things Tour. "I love a lot of Warhol's work: the repetition of images, slow time on film, and what is being considered in a portrait. I want to explore connections between the Screen Tests and several portraits in SAM's collection that resonate with what I see in Warhol's work."

Tonight at 6:30.

Wunderkammer by Sutton Beres Culler

Sutton Beres Culler's installation Wunderkammer at the San Jose Airport is starting to get more attention. They've made a 'cabinet of curiosities' that are specific to Silicon Valley. I wish I had a reason to fly through/into San Jose so I could see this.

via Harold Hollingsworth

Seattle favorite Nancy Guppy is doing a upcoming segment on Harold Hollingsworth for Artzone. Can't wait to check it out.

platter by Juan Alonso for Pottery Northwest's fundraiser

Have you gotten your tickets for Pottery Northwest's annual fundraiser SALAD BOWL yet? Tickets are a super reasonable $60 (you get to keep an artist made ceramic bowl, plus you get yummy salads for dinner). Buy now because the event is next Thursday and will probably sell out. Looks fun!

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