Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kiss the sun?

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You like the sun? You like to make-out? Do you want to combine them both and add alcohol and a 'hypnotic incantation'? Then come to the Hideout tonight for The Seattle School's INCANTATION DE SOLEIL & MAKE-OUT PARTY.
Listen: The Sun – it is not young. It is getting up there in age. We hear it will die out in about 67 million kajillion years. But here’s a sexy little secret (just between me and you): we kind of have a thing for The Sun. We think it’s really hot. We dig the age difference. We think he’s still got it. We kinda want The Sun. We realllly want The Sun.

The Sun – like everyone – is just waiting to be come-on to. It just wants us to flirt with it a little. Then we’ll get a response.

So on Thursday, July 29th, between 10pm and midnight, in the dark of night at The Hideout, Seattle School will whisper into The Sun’s ear while it is “asleep” on the other side of the planet, in an attempt to give The Sun the huge erection he deserves, by performing the greatest, most blissed-out, most refreshing, most ecstasy-inducing measure of music in the history of Pop Music: the first measure of “Time Of The Season” by The Zombies.
Starting at 10pm the opening measure of Time of the Season will be played live for TWO HOURS. It's literally a bass, drum, a handclap and an "ahhh" over and over. I've been listening to it (preview here) for ten minutes and already feel slinky. Hopefully, this will help "Father Sun to Get It Up and Keep It Up for all of August and beyond."

The Hideout
1005 Boren Avenue
10pm - midnight (Full Release surprise at midnight)

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