Friday, July 9, 2010

Jesse Brown / Of Paper and Light

Painting B, 2010 by Jesse Brown

There's a good chance that even if you don't know the name Jesse Brown, you know the work if you've walked around town much.

If you been to the SODO lightrail station, then you've seen Jesse's work. He's also done tons of those colorful, graphic, text pieces outside of constructions sites. I've frequently admired these animals and wondered who did them. Remember the great jazz series he did during the SAM remodel? And I've always loved this piece outside of Franklin High School.

This Saturday, Jesse will open a show of new work called Of Paper
and Light. For this upcoming show, he'll be creating his familiar geometric shapes via cutouts. "Rather than adding marks to the paper, the cutouts form the image and their absence allows for the interaction with light,the works combine drawing of graphic material with three dimensional structure." You can preview more images here.

Previous installations at hybrid gallery/retail space COMING SOON have included wool rugs (including a felting demonstration) and beautiful handbags made of vintage English mailbags. COMING SOON also made Seattle Met's list of 100 Reasons to Love Seattle.

Of Paper and Lights by Jesse Brown
Saturday, July 10, 8pm
COMING SOON / 3623 Fremont Ave. N

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