Friday, July 2, 2010

Art Walk Recap

Luckily, it managed to not pour down rain for July's artwalk. I'd like to thank Alfred Harris and Ken Kelly again for walking around with me. We had a great time and were able to see lots of great art.

Isaac Layman

I loved Isaac Layman's show. It's amazing how a photography show can fill the entire space at Lawrimore Project. In fact, the Otter Pop room felt downright crowded. It's a beautiful show. Isaac was my original pick but Alfred and I swapped last minute.

Jeff McGrath

Platform's Magicality show was great. It had a fun lightheartedness but also felt substantial. William Powhida's sardonic spells to save Seattle Center from Chihuly and to bring collectors to Seattle were clever references to some recent hot topics. I'm biased but I really liked SOIL's new member show - I feel honored to be included in such a great group of artists. Other popular shows were Catherine Person, Gallery 110, 4Culture, Greg Kucera and plenty more.

Derrick Jefferies

At 8:00, we reconvened at Caffe Vita, did our deliberating and Ken picked Jeff McGrath's sweet painting from a cool show in the backspace of SOIL, Alfred picked Isaac Layman's Otter Pop and I picked Derrick Jefferies' piece anatomy (muscle). It's found gum photographed on a reflective surface, so the musculature is implied. So amazing. The audience voted and drank lots of beer and your pick was ... Derrick Jefferies who won $500.

Pics over at Amanda Manitach's blog.

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Amanda M. said...

Derrick's works were my favorites of the night too (surprise surprise!). The photo and sculpture completely took my breath away.

Last night was just amazing overall though....