Wednesday, July 7, 2010

100 Reasons to Love Seattle

Photo by Will Austin

Aw, some sweet love for the New Guard. Seattle Met's July issue celebrates 100 Reasons to Love Seattle. Number 4 on that list?
4. We Nurture New Talent

So much talent bubbles in Seattle—you’re welcome, Rolling Stone, for all those “bands to watch”—it’s no surprise something like New Guard ( ) popped up here. The inspiration of Sasquatch Books editor Whitney Ricketts, artist Joey Veltkamp, and husband-wife creatives Sarah and Damien Jurado, the decidedly hip dinner series serves up a three-course meal of the best in art, music, and food. The idea is simple, but the carefully curated menu of up-and-coming contributors is what gives New Guard gold-star status. Since the series debuted last September, it’s featured roving chef Eliot Guthrie, multimedia artist Jason Hirata, and indie pop-psych band Kay Kay and his Weathered Underground. “We’re surrounded by talent,” says Ricketts, “I’m consistently amazed.” We are, too.

This has been a really fun project to be a part of - all the yummy dinners, fun people, beautiful art and music! I think things will finally have settled down enough for all of us that we'll be having a couple dinners real soon. Stay tuned.


Amanda M. said...

A well-deserved mention, of course!

(I'm feeling all squishy about Seattle now!)

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