Saturday, July 31, 2010

America's Favorite Art Musuem?

Okay folks - SAM needs your votes. Let's beat the pants off MoMA!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kiss the sun?

image via

You like the sun? You like to make-out? Do you want to combine them both and add alcohol and a 'hypnotic incantation'? Then come to the Hideout tonight for The Seattle School's INCANTATION DE SOLEIL & MAKE-OUT PARTY.
Listen: The Sun – it is not young. It is getting up there in age. We hear it will die out in about 67 million kajillion years. But here’s a sexy little secret (just between me and you): we kind of have a thing for The Sun. We think it’s really hot. We dig the age difference. We think he’s still got it. We kinda want The Sun. We realllly want The Sun.

The Sun – like everyone – is just waiting to be come-on to. It just wants us to flirt with it a little. Then we’ll get a response.

So on Thursday, July 29th, between 10pm and midnight, in the dark of night at The Hideout, Seattle School will whisper into The Sun’s ear while it is “asleep” on the other side of the planet, in an attempt to give The Sun the huge erection he deserves, by performing the greatest, most blissed-out, most refreshing, most ecstasy-inducing measure of music in the history of Pop Music: the first measure of “Time Of The Season” by The Zombies.
Starting at 10pm the opening measure of Time of the Season will be played live for TWO HOURS. It's literally a bass, drum, a handclap and an "ahhh" over and over. I've been listening to it (preview here) for ten minutes and already feel slinky. Hopefully, this will help "Father Sun to Get It Up and Keep It Up for all of August and beyond."

The Hideout
1005 Boren Avenue
10pm - midnight (Full Release surprise at midnight)

Monday, July 26, 2010

The muses are coming...

3 Views of the Pan Pacific by Erin Shafkind

I'm not sure if you're aware, but there's an historic anniversary coming up next month. August 2010 marks the 30th anniversary of the release of Xanadu. Erin Shafkind wasn't about to let that go unnoticed and she has curated next month's SOIL show, Xanadu: A Stately Pleasure Dome.

gretchen (as muse) by Joey Veltkamp

"The cult film Xanadu can be seen on many levels. One is to view it as a trans-generational epic whose deep irony of place is about to hit its 30th anniversary (the film was released on August 8th, 1980). Touching upon notions of inspiration, loneliness, grief, magic, love and the idea that an outside force can greatly influence one’s well being, Xanadu is Hollywood Utopia. A roller skating muse emerges from a mural on a wall in Venice California to inspire a young frustrated artist to live his dream and create a club where anything can happen. The club is XANADU (and the old Pan Pacific Auditorium in Los Angeles is the fictionalized setting for the club. The real building burned down in 1989.) Consisting of 2-D works, video, and sculpture from artists locally and around the country, this group show explores themes related to Utopia, transcendence, illusion, irony, reality, identity, the sparkly neon of the 1980’s and perhaps false promises of what Xanadu meant to Samuel Taylor Coleridge in his self-proclaimed opium induced writing of this romantic piece.

At Club Xanadu they have their magical place and each other. The closing film credit reads - The End, Made in Hollywood, USA." - Erin Shafkind

Glory, Utopia (the head of Samuel Taylor
Coleridge on the body of Terpischore)
by Amanda Manitach

The show will be mostly local artists with a non-regional names thrown in: Amanda Manitach, Amanda Valdez, Andy Arkley, Cable Griffith, Edie Bresler, Erin Shafkind, Gala Bent, Jess Hilliard, Joey Veltkamp, Julie Alpert, Klara Glosova, Michelle de la Vega, Reed Easley, Robert Hardgrave, Troy Gua, and Warren Dykeman.

Roller skates (worn by Olivia Newton-John) by Klara Glosova

And of course, it wouldn't be Xanadu with lots of neon, muses and roller skates - the opening (Thursday, Aug 5) promises all three!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Studio Sale recap

Saya, Margie, Chuck, Mary Ann, Kimberly, Eric

Thanks to everyone who showed up for yesterday afternoon's studio sale. The weather was cooperative, checks were written and cash was exchanged. Any money I received was quickly traded to the other artists for some cool pieces. I wanted to buy something from everyone (but that would have taken a long time at $5/drawing). Instead, I picked up a beautiful crayon wrapper drawing from Gretchen Bennett and a painting of Jason Hirata's that I've admired since he debuted it at New Guard.

I got this print (with paint) from jason Hirata.
Photo by Sarah Jurado from New Guard.

Here are some pics from the afternoon.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

An Eastside weekend

The Eastside is the place to be this weekend for fun art-related activities.

Friday, July 23, 7pm @ Open Satellite

Frost King publication reading/release party

"Please join us for a reading and the release of Heather and Ivan Morison, the companion publication to their new sculpture Frost King. Eric Fredericksen (Western Bridge), Betsey Brock (Henry Art Gallery) and Matthew Stadler (Publication Studio), will read from the Morisons' newest novella, a vividly pungent tale stitching togetherfact, fiction and graphic post-apocalyptic visions of the future.

This is the second release in the Open Satellite Publications series, a co-publishing partnership between Open Satellite and Portland-based Publication Studio. In addition to the artists' story, it is an image-filled reader featuring an interview by The Stranger art critic and visual arts editor Jen Graves and a critical response by Eric Fredericksen. The first 100 include a unique frottage print and will be sold as a limited edition."

Saturday, July 24, 6-9pm @ Kirkland Arts Center

Kirkland Arts Center will be hosting a fundraiser in conjunction with the closing ceremonies of the Links Invitiational. Tickets are $25.

"Closing Ceremonies: Steal away the prized Links Masters’ Green Jacket! This jacket will be awarded to the best Links Invitational Masters’ Score (tracked through July 17). Or will it? YOU could take home the prize with an all-new best of tournament score this evening.

Live Music: The evening also features Whiting Tennis and his band.

Attire: Be sure to come dressed for the greens – and enter our wildest golf attire contest!"

Rainbow Bears / Cupcake Royale

If you missed the Rainbow Bears at the SDC, I just hung them up at the Capitol Hill Cupcake Royale. Stop by and get a cupcake (and a bearhug).

Monday, July 19, 2010



Please join us (Joey, Matt, Wynne, Jason, Sol, Debra, Jenny, Gretchen, Nicholas) for a studio sale and bbq this Saturday (July 24) from 2-5pm. RSVP here.

Poplar Place South* (near Rainier/Dearborn)
Bring something for the grill or a beverage or just yourself and good company! Also if you might want to purchase something, bring cash or checks. Prices range from $5 to $500.

*Poplar Place South runs parallel to Rainier Ave. off of Dearborn. If you are coming up Dearborn towards Rainier, take the right hand turn just before Rainier (Poplar) and drive to the end. Our studios are on the left, a white brick building.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Goodbye Darin!

duck barf by Darin Shuler

Well, if you haven't already heard, artist Darin Shuler is moving down to North Carolina for a year or two. This Saturday, he'll be hosting a studio sale/free beer party at his studio from 5-10pm. You should check it out and come with cash in hand to buy lots of his really amazing art.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Isaac Layman / Saturday Brunch

Fireplace, 2010 by Isaac Layman

I just love Isaac Layman's show 110% currently on view at Lawrimore Project. If you haven't made it down yet, tomorrow is a perfect day for it! Isaac and Scott will be hosting an artist brunch at noon. And if you really need any more reason to attend, let me share 3 words with you - Otter Pop mimosas! Also, check out Gary Fagin's review that just came out today on Artdish.


Okay, now that my opening is over, I can start my regular blogging again and get back to the good stuff - all the amazing art here in Seattle! Thanks again for your patience.

Ann Buchanan's Screen Test by Andy Warhol

If you want to do something artsy tonight and still need a reason (I can give you plenty) to see Marisa Sánchez' Andy Warhol show, you should swing by SAM tonight for Shaw Osha's My Favorite Things Tour. "I love a lot of Warhol's work: the repetition of images, slow time on film, and what is being considered in a portrait. I want to explore connections between the Screen Tests and several portraits in SAM's collection that resonate with what I see in Warhol's work."

Tonight at 6:30.

Wunderkammer by Sutton Beres Culler

Sutton Beres Culler's installation Wunderkammer at the San Jose Airport is starting to get more attention. They've made a 'cabinet of curiosities' that are specific to Silicon Valley. I wish I had a reason to fly through/into San Jose so I could see this.

via Harold Hollingsworth

Seattle favorite Nancy Guppy is doing a upcoming segment on Harold Hollingsworth for Artzone. Can't wait to check it out.

platter by Juan Alonso for Pottery Northwest's fundraiser

Have you gotten your tickets for Pottery Northwest's annual fundraiser SALAD BOWL yet? Tickets are a super reasonable $60 (you get to keep an artist made ceramic bowl, plus you get yummy salads for dinner). Buy now because the event is next Thursday and will probably sell out. Looks fun!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Deer Trophy (picture by Sarah Littlefield)

Thanks again to everyone who came out last night in person (and in spirit). I had such a great time. You made my night. And double thanks if you purchased an owl (or 2 or 3!). If you're looking to buy an owl, there are only ten left so you should hurry.

Loft shot of owl installation (pic by Gunnar Lockwood)

My full flickr set here.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


After a couple of days of installation, the show is mostly up (always a few last minute hiccups) and I couldn't be more excited. I think tomorrow's reception will be all sorts of fun. I like showing in bars because you get to drink during the reception. And for $5 you get a shot and Pabst tallboy. Even though it will be in the high 70s, The Living Room just installed A/C.

Guest owls by Gretchen Bennett, Jeffry Mitchell, Matthew Offenbacher

It's sure weird in the apartment without a huge deer head and 32 owls staring you down...very empty. Owls will be priced between $50 and $150. The bar can't use their credit card machine for art purchases so it's cash or check only. Also available at the reception: Scenes From a Hotel (Publication Studio) for $12 each.

Here are some mentions from Daily Candy and Pacific Standard.

And after the reception (6-9pm), stick around for this!

SOIL presents NOW/THEN

Over at the Jacob Lawrence Gallery, SOIL members are showing work through July 24. The reception is tonight from 4-7pm at the Jake. The premise of NOW/THEN is take a recent piece of work and trace it back to its beginnings. When I moved back into my home studio, I found a stack of old drawings. One of them was several years old and included my first drawing of a can of Pabst beer - which now seems to pop up in almost every diary drawing. It should be a fun show. It was organized in conjunction with 16 UW gallery interns.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Christopher Martin Hoff / WTC Project

Christopher Hoff is back in NYC working on his WTC series. For the next 7-10 days, his studio will the 48th floor of the WTC Tower. Christopher first started this project in 2003. When completed, it will be a series of 11 paintings - which won't be for sale or shown in a gallery space.

World Trade Center Project 3: Tower 1 Freedom Tower
by Christopher Martin Hoff

"During this trip I'll be documenting construction progress made on the following projects: Tower 1, Tower 4, The 9/11 Memorial, and demolition of the former Deutsche Bank building." And to make the best use of his time, Christopher will be doing some long days of painting - usually from 9am - 7pm.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Jesse Brown / Of Paper and Light

Painting B, 2010 by Jesse Brown

There's a good chance that even if you don't know the name Jesse Brown, you know the work if you've walked around town much.

If you been to the SODO lightrail station, then you've seen Jesse's work. He's also done tons of those colorful, graphic, text pieces outside of constructions sites. I've frequently admired these animals and wondered who did them. Remember the great jazz series he did during the SAM remodel? And I've always loved this piece outside of Franklin High School.

This Saturday, Jesse will open a show of new work called Of Paper
and Light. For this upcoming show, he'll be creating his familiar geometric shapes via cutouts. "Rather than adding marks to the paper, the cutouts form the image and their absence allows for the interaction with light,the works combine drawing of graphic material with three dimensional structure." You can preview more images here.

Previous installations at hybrid gallery/retail space COMING SOON have included wool rugs (including a felting demonstration) and beautiful handbags made of vintage English mailbags. COMING SOON also made Seattle Met's list of 100 Reasons to Love Seattle.

Of Paper and Lights by Jesse Brown
Saturday, July 10, 8pm
COMING SOON / 3623 Fremont Ave. N

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

100 Reasons to Love Seattle

Photo by Will Austin

Aw, some sweet love for the New Guard. Seattle Met's July issue celebrates 100 Reasons to Love Seattle. Number 4 on that list?
4. We Nurture New Talent

So much talent bubbles in Seattle—you’re welcome, Rolling Stone, for all those “bands to watch”—it’s no surprise something like New Guard ( ) popped up here. The inspiration of Sasquatch Books editor Whitney Ricketts, artist Joey Veltkamp, and husband-wife creatives Sarah and Damien Jurado, the decidedly hip dinner series serves up a three-course meal of the best in art, music, and food. The idea is simple, but the carefully curated menu of up-and-coming contributors is what gives New Guard gold-star status. Since the series debuted last September, it’s featured roving chef Eliot Guthrie, multimedia artist Jason Hirata, and indie pop-psych band Kay Kay and his Weathered Underground. “We’re surrounded by talent,” says Ricketts, “I’m consistently amazed.” We are, too.

This has been a really fun project to be a part of - all the yummy dinners, fun people, beautiful art and music! I think things will finally have settled down enough for all of us that we'll be having a couple dinners real soon. Stay tuned.


Reclaiming the terryifying noise ("GoudouGoudou") that locals say described the sound of earthquake in Haiti six months ago, local artist group The Heroes present two evenings of new work. Join them on either Tuesday (July 13 or July 20) to see:
  • Sonia Dawkins/Prism Dance performing original tap dance choreographed to Haitian music
  • Jessica Day reads an excerpt of a tremendous memoir-in-progress about her experiences in Haiti
  • A monologue written from the perspective of the Michelle Bennett (notorious former First Lady of Haiti)
  • A short documentary film by Nathan Bean, compiled of original footage shot while volunteering in Haiti
  • An essay by Bond Huberman entitled "An Introduction to Haiti for People Who Don't Want to Know"
Full info here.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A day with Dan Cameron

Quecreek Mine, 2009, image by Mark Woods

Curator Dan Cameron was recently in Seattle for a lecture but managed to find a little time to check out our city's art offerings. Gretchen Bennett and I played tour guide and escorted Dan around one morning (with Anne Mathern taking over for afternoon duty). He writes about his art highlights here.

Dan had high praise for our city but was especially impressed with Lawrimore Project. "...the gallery [Lawrimore Project] is probably the most visually stunning commercial art space in the US, outstripping any comparable venue in either Chelsea or Culver City."

My son, Batman by Scott Garner

My son, Batman by Scott Garner

Monday, July 5, 2010

Action / Ghost Gallery

Ghost Gallery has a great new show called
Action opening this Thursday. It's an exhibition of videos with new work by Joseph Patrick Gray & Keith Tilford, Izzie Klingels & Amanda Manitach, Frank Correa & Nick Bartoletti, Tabor Robak, and DUMB EYES. I can't wait!

still from video by Izzie Klingels & Amanda Manitach

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Thunderbitch / Kickstarter

By now you've heard about Daniel R. Smith's latest project, Thunderbitch, a 40+ year survey of women designers in the Northwest.
"From DIY Xerox flyers for bands you’ve never heard of to big budget rock albums that sold in the millions, women designers have shaped the visual identity of music in the Pacific Northwest since at least the late 1960s. Some never considered themselves designers, simply making Xerox posters out of necessity to promote their bands. Some are artists and illustrators synonymous with various music genres and some are career graphic designers. Thunderbitch is the first attempt to document these women artists and their work."
The show opens up at Tether Design Gallery in just over at month (Aug 5) and includes such powerhouses as Ellen Forney, Lynda Barry, Kathleen Hanna, Neko Case, Alice Wheeler, Judith Bissell, Bon Von Wheelie and many, many more. Many of the posters in the show are super rare and so Dan wants to publish a catalog as well. He's got lots of generous donations (Tether and Mohawk Paper) and now just has to raise the actual hard costs of printing (Girlie Press is offering a substantial discount) of $4,000.

He's signed up with Kickstarter where you have a set amount of time to raise a set amount of money. If you don't meet your goal, everyone is off the hook for pledging. So far, this project has only raised 48% of what they need and they only have 13 more days left to raise it. If you want to own a piece of Seattle history, you can pledge $20 and receive a copy of the catalog. It seems like we rarely get catalogs for great shows here in Seattle so this would be a great document. Full info on how to donate here

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Workshop with Wynne Greenwood

Big Candy Music Video, 2008 by Wynne Greenwood
Image via Artist Trust

There's an upcoming workshop that will be all about performance with video. Taught by Wynne Greenwood, the person who gave us Tracy + the Plastics, this will be like learning at the foot of the master.

"In this workshop, you will learn the basic theory and practice of performance with video. Participants will explore – through lecture, screenings, discussion, in-class improvisation and group work – how contemporary artists use pre-recorded video in live performance. You will consider what video is, what performance is, and how video can be used to open up new possibilities for the development of a performance.

Participants will be working with found and pre-taped images as well as video images taped within the workshops. You will create live interaction with pre-recorded video images (both video projection and video monitors)."

Register by Tuesday, July 27th

Performance with Video Workshop
$150 (Sliding scale available, please ask)
Sundays, 10am – 1pm
August 1, 8 & 15
ages 18 and up
min. of 6 participants max. of 20 participants

More info here.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Art Walk Recap

Luckily, it managed to not pour down rain for July's artwalk. I'd like to thank Alfred Harris and Ken Kelly again for walking around with me. We had a great time and were able to see lots of great art.

Isaac Layman

I loved Isaac Layman's show. It's amazing how a photography show can fill the entire space at Lawrimore Project. In fact, the Otter Pop room felt downright crowded. It's a beautiful show. Isaac was my original pick but Alfred and I swapped last minute.

Jeff McGrath

Platform's Magicality show was great. It had a fun lightheartedness but also felt substantial. William Powhida's sardonic spells to save Seattle Center from Chihuly and to bring collectors to Seattle were clever references to some recent hot topics. I'm biased but I really liked SOIL's new member show - I feel honored to be included in such a great group of artists. Other popular shows were Catherine Person, Gallery 110, 4Culture, Greg Kucera and plenty more.

Derrick Jefferies

At 8:00, we reconvened at Caffe Vita, did our deliberating and Ken picked Jeff McGrath's sweet painting from a cool show in the backspace of SOIL, Alfred picked Isaac Layman's Otter Pop and I picked Derrick Jefferies' piece anatomy (muscle). It's found gum photographed on a reflective surface, so the musculature is implied. So amazing. The audience voted and drank lots of beer and your pick was ... Derrick Jefferies who won $500.

Pics over at Amanda Manitach's blog.