Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend recap

The Stampeders by Eustace Ziegler
Image via A.J. Kollar

Despite those dang owls, I actually made it out of the house this past weekend for a couple of things. First up was checking out the new shows at The Frye. There's a nice tribute to former director Ida Greathouse and the pieces the Frye acquired with her at the helm. There's also another show called Northern Latitudes: The Frye and Alaska. The walls are a painted a robin's egg blue (Tiffany blue?) and it's full of beautiful paintings of Mt. McKinley, stampeders, polar bears and other rough and tumble scenes of our 49th state.

On Saturday afternoon, I headed down to the sculpture park to check out D.W. and Gretchen's awesome investigation of music and songwriting. While I might not be writing any hit singles in the future (though my song "Grab it!" was catchy), it did help me release a little bit of writer's block I've been having.

Afterwards, some of us took a spontaneous tour to check out the new temporary installations. Whiting's is really smart. He's made 3 new wooden sculptures (a large radio console, washer and dryer) and 'abandoned' them in a large field. I guess folks have already called SAM to let them know someone dumped some garbage in the park. I can just hear folks with more traditional views of art (like my mother) asking, "That's art?!" I love it.

Me under Jenny Heishman's installation

Jenny Heishman installed a canopy, a topiary turtle and embedded a tile sculpture on a hill, Andrew Dadson scorched (actually painted it black) the side of a hill, Mungo Thompson installed sounds of whales/birds altered to mimic each other and Jessica Jackson Hutchins installed ceramic vessels into macramed hammocks. It really makes the park fun and interesting and exploratory. Considering that most of the permanent collection is pretty static, it's nice to mix it up a bit with these temporary installations.

And then yesterday, I took a ferry out to Vashon for an afternoon party on a farm. The weather was kind of a bummer, but it just made things cozier.


harold hollingsworth said...

Sounds like a good weekend, better than me fighting some strep, eek!

Joey Veltkamp said...

Strep??? Oh no - summer (and I use the term LOOSELY) colds are the worst! Sorry buddy. :(