Sunday, June 27, 2010

Party in the Park recap

Margot Quan Knight's table

Friday night's Party in the Park was the most fun I've had in a while. Of course being Seattle near the end of June tents were required in case of rain. But the weather was farily cooperative and it was a pretty (if not moody) evening having dinner overlooking the bay.

The tables were all awesome. Chauney Peck's table was covered in dirt, Jason Hirata's vibrated, Margot Quan Knight's had a tablecloth of photopaper that developed over dinner. Nicholas Nyland's table had cool jeweled sculptures, Sol Hashemi used his budget to rent party items which he wrapped and hid beneath the table, I went with the NW 70s motif (I'm all about motifs right now). Eli Hansen (via Ruth True) brought down an awesome cardboard table and chairs that he spray painted and decorated with his glass. Matt Browning's table added a beautifully modern soundtrack of Motorola chirping noises, which immediately started a loop of Katy Red's "If you ain't chirpin', you ain't workin'!" in my head.

Holly + Joey

Holly was a dream date and as usual she seemed to know everyone. She always makes every party more fun. The several Makers Marks (with the chef suggested addition of ginger) didn't hurt either. I even have a (very) vague memory of me dancing to Mudhoney's Touch Me I'm Sick. John Sundstrom's food was amazing; buffalo Mozzarella and grilled quail with sweet corn with vanilla pot de creme for dessert.

my table

We got sat at a table full of the nicest people. And not all the tables were artist decorated. The table next to ours put my woodsy owl theme to shame. Mike and Barbara Malone decorated their table with a race car theme, including two full sized mannequins - one on the table and one fan standing nearby.

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