Monday, June 21, 2010

Owls, owls and owls

Brown owl by Joey Veltkamp

Okay, it's true - I've pretty much been obsessed with owls for the past month. In all their various forms, colors, shapes, references, etc. My friends are sick of hearing me saying, "I'd love to but I can't - I have to work on the owls." If obsessive attention alone were the sole prognostications of a good show, IT IS HAPPENING AGAIN would be an A+. However, that's not always the best barometer of good work.

hello HELLO, 2009 owl by Jeffry Mitchell

There are about a million different directions this show could go. As I've mentioned before, it's completely rooted in Twin Peaks. A big component of my art is digesting/incorporating/reflecting/riffing on my peers. Living in the Northwest, owls feel totemic and have inspired many artists. When I think of owls, it's impossible for me to not think of Jeffry Mitchell and Matthew Offenbacher. I loved Jeff's piece at the Crawl Space show Call and Response last year.

Large Owl, 2006 by Matthew Offenbacher

And when I walked in to the Neddy show this year and saw my piece hanging by Matt's Large Owl, I was so happy that we got paired together. I think about this painting a lot, I've said it before but someone needs to makes sure this gets into SAM's collection.

Totoro as owl? / Jeffry Mitchell

So after I thought about my influences and who has owl energy, I invited Jeffry, Gretchen and Matt to come over and paint their own owls. I don't think I've talked about anybody else more on this blog than I have these 3 folks and so it was such a treat to get to spend the day in the studio, painting, talking and listening to music (you know Gretchen is a Jay-Z fan, right?)

Gretchen Bennett

I haven't gotten to make art with other artists much since the salon series. It's such a great way to work through ideas. (I work through a lot of stuff with these folks anyway.) You should come by The Living Room on Wed, July 14 to check out all our owls. They'll all be for sale. And I think it will be lots of fun.

Matthew Offenbacher


Amanda Manitach said...

OMG Joey, SO excited!! I am in awe of the scope of this show....

Joey Veltkamp said...

Aw, thanks! Now on to the deer trophy.