Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Josh Faught and Alex Schweder

Rules to Party Play, (#7), detail, 2010 by Josh Faught (image via)
Hand-bleached crocheted and woven hemp, spray paint, scrapbooking
stickers, wool, and political pin on stretched linen.. 73 by 50 inches

New Year 11 opens up this Thursday. Procedures to Reduce Contamination and Stimulate Better Living is new installation by Josh Faught. Since winning last year's Betty Bowen award (where he gave a charming presentation speech with a 1970s video of dyeing with indigo) it sounds like a lot has changed. He had been living in Eugene and teaching at U of O but now he's living in San Francisco and teaching at the California College of the Arts.

Josh recently showed a great piece BLESS THIS MESS at Greg Kucera Gallery as part of the Made in the U.S.A. show. His new installation for Western Bridge will be "...loosely based on a list of rules from a now-defunct bathhouse that the artist found while perusing the Pacific Northwest Gay and Lesbian Archives in Portland. The list, a single sheet of mimeographed paper with the header “Rules to Party Play,” resembles something that might appear in an office break room.

His show will be up June 17 - June 26. Artist talk Thursday at 7pm.

Also opening this Thursday (June 17) but showing through July 31 will be Alex Schweder La's This Apple Tastes Like Our Living Room Used to Smell. This piece of performance architecture will be present a degrading house with artificial rot and moss. While the house will be removed at the end of the July, the rot and moss will continue to grow (and simulate decay) in Western Bridge until its eventual closure in 2012. Alex will create a second model of a house off-site that will release seeds as it decays.

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