Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Foundation Reunion - tonight

If you're on the hill tonight, you should swing by HG Lodge (formerly the War Room) for the Art Bar Foundation Reunion. Foundation was a weekly night of DJing started in the mid 90s by Sureshot (Shane Hunt), Soul, Supreme and my buddy Strath in order to finance their record label, Conception Records. Between their underground hip-hop tracks and Soul's promotion (and later Kutfather's spinning), it kind of blew up and was one of the longest running hip hop nights in the country.

Nitty Gritty DJs

"There was a rotating cast of characters involved including Alonso Ybarra, B-Mello, Kutfather, Rob Nice, Prymetyme, Jake One... I'm sure there were others that I'm not remembering, we had a lot of guest DJs from time to time and different artists would stop through when they were in town. It had multiple names – we originally called it "Nitty Gritty" because originally we were playing mostly old funk and soul, but then it morphed into almost all hip-hop and I said we should call it The Foundation..." - Strath

When: Tonight from 9pm - 2am
Where: HG Lodge (E Pike & Harvard)

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