Monday, June 14, 2010

Currently thinking about...

Twin Peaks

Sorry for not blogging all weekend. I've got lots of really fun projects that are keeping me super busy. Even though I barely even made it outside either day, it's still so nice to have the sun back.

barn owls (via)

For the past couple of weeks, I've been working on a large installation for The Living Room (curated by Amanda Manitach and Monika Proffitt). I'm attempting to make 30 owls via paper mache (or papier-mâché for you fancy folks). I had forgotten forgot how long it takes to dry.

the greys

Twin Peaks has me thinking about owls and what they represent to David Lynch. Their symbology varies wildly. If you google "owls and", it autopopulates with death, aliens, crows, omens, witchcraft, Native Americans, alien abductions. Reading about owls in various cultures got me thinking about Communion (1985) by Whitley Strieber which popularized the "abduction archetype". Lynch's use of owls echoes Streiber's - "owls are not what they seem".

scary basements (image via)

Instead, owls are watchers for other people (spirits, aliens, visitors) and/or masking agents for sexual trauma (Laura Palmer) or for other psychological trauma (abduction).

Sepulcher by Matthew Day Jackson (image via)

I've also been thinking about journeys and the way spirits/bodies are carried. That got me thinking about Matthew Day Jackson (who I'm riffing on for another project).

deer trophies (image via)

I'm also working a large deer trophy. I've been wanting to do a show around Twin Peaks forever, so I'm really enjoying the process.


Onlymefairmay said...


Thank you for posting about your inspirations. I can't wait for your Twin Peaks show!

Susanna said...

it's great to see you writing about stuff you're working on joey! can't wait to see it.