Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Best Of Art Walk Awards, Volume 3

Black Bear (2008) by Justin Colt Beckman (image via)
From Patch Dynamics show - curated by Yoko Ott & Scott Lawrimore

As I mentioned earlier this week, City Arts Best Of Art Walk Awards & After Party will be happening tomorrow on Capitol Hill. This should be lots and lots of fun. We have two amazing guest judges this month: Yoko Ott (Curator, Director of Open Satellite) and Wynne Greenwood (Artist, 2008 Stranger Genius winner). We'll be roaming the hill selecting our favorite pieces of art until about 8:15 when we'll head back to Grey Gallery to start the fun.

Wynne Greenwood from Face It (2008)

We've made a few changes this month to keep everything going smoothly. The biggest change is that now EVERYONE is eligible. While being connected to lots of different folks in the Seattle art scene is a great thing, a lot of folks haven't been eligible due to my personal relationships with them. And that hasn't been very fun at all. So going forward, we're strictly going on art. This will end a lot of hand-wringing and debating. And since ultimately you (the audience) decide who wins, there's no way it can be viewed as "fixed".

Also, a reminder - this is simply meant as a great way to inject our local arts community with a $500 grant. It's not a scientific selection process. It's not meant to be competitive. It's just supposed to be lots of fun!! See you on the hill.

And don't forget about PENETRATION afterwards!

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