Thursday, June 10, 2010

Art news

Cornish has a whole bunch of exciting classes for you this summer. With awesome folks like Ellen Forney, Eric Swangstu, Lisa Halpern, Kristen Ramirez and Jenifer K. Ward as your instructors, you're guaranteed to learn something and have a lot of fun doing it.

Aquatic Levitation (2008) by Juan Alonso

A big congratulations to Juan Alonso for winning a 2010 Mayor's Arts Award You can currently see his work at the Tacoma Art Museum's show Honoring 15 Years of Neddy Fellows. He's also in the show, A Continuing Cultural Legacy (at Wright Exhibition Space, curated by Beth Sellars) which ends June 25th.

Googie Ghost/Denny's by Lina Raymond

Artist Lina Raymond's series of ghostly Ballard landmarks opened up June 6th at Portalis Wine Bar. Preview the show here. As Lina said, "Paving paradise to put up parking lots is personal, and we adapt or not."

Implied Violence, image by Steven Miller

Implied Violence just got back from Vienna in what was their most ambitious project to date. Unfortunately, they had to leave their crate of props/sets/costumes in Europe because they couldn't afford to ship it home. They will be doing a huge performance/installation at The Frye this fall and need that crate. Can you help them bring it home? Details here.

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Juan Alonso-Rodriguez said...

Thanks, Joey. Honored and happy to be in a show with you!!!