Thursday, May 20, 2010

Whiting Tennis / Greg Kucera Gallery

Cottage (2010) by Whiting Tennis, image via Greg Kucera Gallery

I am so excited for Whiting's new show Walleyed which opens up tonight at Greg Kucera Gallery. I'm not the only one either - I think this one of the most anticipated shows in Seattle in a while. Greg hasn't had a solo show of Whiting's work since 2006. This show is my pick of the month for City Arts print edition for June. D.W. Burnam wrote a beautiful essay about Whiting's work here.

Also opening up is a new show by Claudia Fitch. The Edge of the World takes its name from the 80s nightclub in New York's L.E.S. Greg previewed one of these last month and it was gorgeous. I love all of Claudia's work, but her drawings are probably my favorite.

Wonder Receding by Becky Birinyi

After Whiting's show, you should head on over to The Henry to hear Michael Darling's talk, Pulp Friction. We don't have that many more opportunities. (Okay, I'm still really bummed about his departure.) "Pulp Friction considers contemporary artists working on paper today, with an emphasis on those who are treating paper in an innovative and ambitious way."

The lecture is in conjunction with the Kirkland Arts Center show TEN: Seattle Prints Arts 2010 Anniversary, which Michael curated. The show is only up through June 5th so don't miss it.


Molo said...

I was thinking...I'm not all that interested in Whiting's sculptures...but then I see his paintings, and they make me rethink his sculptures...having it all exhibited together (I presume, haven't actually seen the show - this is based on the Kucera website) it's kind of like showing studies for the actual piece with the actual piece.

But in this case, I'm not sure if the sculptures are studies for the paintings, or the paintings for the sculptures.

Too bad I can't make the opening tonight! Have a good time. - Ryan Molenkamp

Joey Veltkamp said...

Hi Ryan:

Yeah, the paintings and sculptures are pretty tied together for me. I believe he starts with a sketch from his notebook and that's the basis for the sculpture. Cable did a video interview with Whiting that explained a lot for me. For example, I never realized the sculptures were to be read as figures/people.

Susanna said...

wow. that is one great painting.

Molo said...

Thanks, I'll check out that link. Speaking of Cable, it will be interesting to see, also, what Whiting does does for the KAC LINKS in June! Not to mention all the other artists who I wouldn't normally expect to be designing holes for a mini-golf course!

Joey Veltkamp said...

Yeah Susanna, I can't wait to see that person in person!

Ms. Manitach said...

Thanks for that youtube link, Joey! Fascinating....