Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thank you!

I just got home from the Best of Art Walk Awards (vol 2). What a fun night. Beautiful weather, great art and a big crowd made it a really fun art walk. There's just never enough time to see everything. It can get a little stressful picking a finalist. No matter who we choose, we're always going to disappoint somebody. I just wanted to reiterate that this is just meant to be a great way to draw attention to the art scene and put $500 in a talented artist's pocket!

Anna Wetzel at Some Space Gallery

I'd like to take a quick chance to do some thank yous. First off, I really want to thank the fine folks at City Arts (Mark, Bond, Tim, Jake and more) for giving me this opportunity. It's been a really fun project to be involved with and they're all so great. I love what City Arts has become - a community oriented celebration of art in all its forms! I can't say it enough - I'm just really proud to be associated with them.

I'd also like to thank the guest judges Sharon Arnold and Cable Griffith. I respect them both so much as artists and in their 9-5 jobs where they nurture art. They were generous with their time and energy and kept me sane (and on track). I'd also like to thank Caffe Vita for providing such a great space to host the event in. It was pretty spectacular to have the event happen right in the middle of the art walk. Blue Moon Beer - who along with 4Culture - makes this all possible through generous funding. And I love that it now comes in a can. Sarah Murphy Jurado was the evening's amazing photographer - I hope she'll be doing them all going forward. Lastly, I'm super thankful for everyone who came out to celebrate tonight. I know your time is extremely valuable and so it means a lot that would you spend it at this event.

Christopher Martin Hoff at Linda Hodges Gallery

My finalist was Christopher Martin Hoff. Sharon Arnold selected Lorraine and Howard Barlow as her pick. And the winner, picked by Cable Griffith, was Anna Wetzel! Congratulations to everyone!

Lorraine and Howard Barlow at PUNCH Gallery


Bond Huberman said...

Thank you for YOUR time and efforts Joey. We couldn't find a better host for this event.

Lucas Spivey said...

Great idea. Thanks for doing this. When I got home I found two tokens in my pocket. I guess I'll just vote for my garbage can... unless you want these back?

Joey Veltkamp said...

Thanks Bond!

Thanks Lucas. You earned - save 'em and use them to vote at next month's art walk. :)