Friday, May 28, 2010

Retrofit Home's new location

Lori & Jon in their new location

Congratulations to Retrofit Home on their new location. They're moved around the corner into the beautiful former home of ARIA. Opening up over five years ago (has it really only been five years?), they've always made a splash on 12th Avenue. With an impossible-to-miss brightly painted facade, the explosion of color extended inside where you could always find a million beautiful things you never knew you needed. The new space has a spare white elegance which really makes their inventory pop.

They'll be having their big re-grand opening party next Saturday (June 5) from noon to 9pm. You might even win a couch!

Mr. #20 by Kelly Rae Cunningham

murder of crows will be their inaugural show which will include renderings of crows by 16 artists like Kelly Rae Cunningham and Shelli Markee. The show will open up on Thursday, June 10 (Capitol Hill's BLITZ).

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