Monday, May 31, 2010

NEPO 3: Air, Fire, Water (We Will Leave the Earth Behind)

Hopefully you've already heard of Klara and Scott's home gallery/collaborative project called NEPO. For the 3rd iteration, the theme will focus on three elements of air, fire and water. This one will have lots of one night only performances. I see some really great folks are lined up like Emily Pothast, David Golightly, Julia Haack, Rumi Koshino, Jason Hirata, Serrah Russell and Timothy Cross.

6:00 pm and ongoing:
Flying in Dreams by Lara Davis, Lauren Atkinson and David Lasky
Drone Chamber by Emily Pothast and David Golightly
Hecho en China by Janel Twogood
Spray Paint Cloud by Lauren Klenow
Kitchen Installation by Christopher Mc Elroy
Trash-Walk and Rubble full of Air by Rumi Koshino and Klara Glosova
Sea Wall by Mark Callen
Puddle by Julia Haack
Volcano drawings by Aaliyah Gupta
Dress as a fallen rain cloud by Serrah Rusell
Match and Stick drawings by Timothy Cross
Sunset by Gitane Versakos
The Missing Element by Stefan Knorr
8:30 pm
I want you to want me: experiments in synergy by Jason Hirata and Matt Hilger (hint: this project involves a cell phone launch to outer space - don't miss it!)
9:00 pm
Cloud Talk - Skype performance by SP Weather Station (Natalie Campbell and Heidi Nielson)
9:30 pm
Multi-projector star performance by Eric Ostrowski
10:00 pm
Musical guest Whiting Tennis
11:00 pm
Fire juggling by Matt Baker, Sebastian Shaw
12:00 pm
Lights out (NEPO over)

When: this Saturday (June 5), 6pm to midnight
Where: 1723 S Lander Street, Seattle


erin said...

this saturday is June 5th...looking forward to it.

Joey Veltkamp said...

d'oh! got it fixed. thanks erin. yeah, i really wish i could make it! looks awesome.