Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lundgren Monuments

image via Lundgren Monuments

As I headed over to The Hideout for a meeting last night (yes, a real meeting!), I stopped by Lundgren Monuments. I hadn't been in since its opening almost two years ago. As we all know, nothing stays static in the world of Greg Lundgren and he was telling me about a lot of cool things coming up.

Ellipse Urn-Vase by Stefan Gulassa
Image via Lundgren Monuments

I don't really know much about the death care business but that's okay because Greg knows plenty. In fact, he's kind of leading the way in getting folks to rethink their ideas around interment. I never would have thought to but I'm glad someone is asking us to reconsider the idea traditional tombstones and urns. Here's a beautiful short documentary that talks about this new way of thinking.

Image via Lundgren Monuments

Greg has assembled an amazing group of artists, architects and service providers to make sure that your loved one's memory will be as unique as they were. Some ways are custom paintings by Alan Hurley, beautiful non-traditional urn designs by Matt Sellars, Matthew Richter, Arne Pihl and Dante Marioni.

Perhaps you want something really different like a memorial action figure of your beloved by Mike Leavitt. Maybe you would like to create a Life Gem that you can wear to always remember them. Maybe a trip to space or being part of a reef is more apropos. The only limitation is your and Greg's imagination.

Greg has also written a forthcoming children's book, illustrated by the amazing Jed Dunkerley. He also invited a group of leading west coast architects to rethink the idea of the traditional urn for a new show called, The Architect and The Urn. "This will reflect the first time the field of architecture has turned its collective attention towards the cremation urn..." If you're interested in seeing the results, there will be an opening next Thursday (June 3) at 5pm.

If you'd like to hear more, you can find Lundgren Monuments on Facebook or sign up for their mailing list.

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