Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hip hip hooray for CakeSpy!

by Jessie Oleson

Congratulations to Jessie Oleson. The sweetheart behind CakeSpy is now expanding her empire and has a brick and mortar shop. And where did she open it up? Capitol Hill, of course. Joining neighbors like Wall of Sound, Area 51 and Bauhaus.

Jessie was a guest expert this past week for The Stranger's Questionland. Someone asked her about the new CakeSpy shop. Here's her explanation:
CakeSpy Shop is an extension of my studio and business - specializing in cake art, but no actual cake for sale. However I am still maintaining a lot of the art that was in the former Bluebottle space, so what you can expect to find is a lot of cool indie art and crafts, but with a serious emphasis on cake and my own artwork (oh, and a mural of cake vs. pie on the back wall). As my postman said after I tried to explain my business to him: "'s like, all of the sweetness, none of the crumbs?" (via)
She's been open for a little while now but tonight (5-8pm) is her grand opening party!

CakeSpy Shop + Bluebottle Art Gallery
415 E Pine Street (near Summit)

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Cakespy said...

Thank you my sweet, sweet friend!