Sunday, May 30, 2010

Help Wanted / Alex Schweder

image via artist

Alex Schweder La will be back in town next month for a special 2 week performance and is looking for volunteers. Its Form Will Follow Your Performance was first realized in Berlin at magnus müller Gallery last summer. Continuing his exploration of performance architecture, Alex needs five recruits who could use some "free architectural advice". Alex and the participants will have a one hour consultation at Lawrimore Project in which Alex will make recommendations on how to renovate their apartment. These 'clients' will then go home and implement the suggestions and document the changes. They will continue to consult via email until architect and client have decided the renovation is complete. The ideal participants will be:
  • from outside the art world;
  • of limited means;
  • okay with the documentation process.
If this sounds fun to you or know people who might want to participate, email Scott (scott at with the subject line, 'Free Architectural Advice". If you are unfamiliar with Alex's work, here's an interview we did last year when he and Ward Shelley performed Stability.

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