Saturday, May 29, 2010

Goodbye Howard House

An index to the history of lust by Matthew Offenbacher
Image via Howard House

There's not much I can really add to what Jen and Regina have already said. I've probably written about Howard House more than any other gallery since I started this blog. A lot of that was due in part to my frequent mentions about favorites like Gretchen Bennett, Matthew Offenbacher, Ken Kelly, Robert Yoder and so many more. There is just SO MUCH talent (past and present) that has shown there.

This was severely depressing news to hear. I wish Billy, Nancy and all of the amazing artists much success in the future. Thanks to everyone for all they've done to show us some of the most amazing contemporary art that Seattle has seen.

Billy's final day is Saturday, June 12th.


Billy Howard said...

Dear Friends, Supporters and Colleagues,

Howard House will close its doors at the end of June. For nearly thirteen years the gallery exhibited artworks by exceptionally talented artists supported by visionary collectors, thoughtful critics, inspired curators and the full spectrum of enthusiasts. The goals of Howard House were simple: exhibit conceptually rigorous and aesthetically compelling art by local, national and international artists and help foster their careers. Build the business steadily and grow the collector base through national and international outreach. These goals were achieved but not without the help of current Associate Director, Nancy Stoaks, and past associates Sara Callahan and Gary Owen and numerous interns.

I believe the artists and exhibitions at Howard House had a positive effect on the discourse surrounding contemporary art. It has been my pleasure to help educate the public about the exceptional artists, artwork and exhibitions. Howard House offered me great opportunities to meet exceptional people and I believe that we have all become friends and have gained a great deal of enjoyment from these friendships. I have learned from everyone who walked through the door of Howard House and I deeply enjoyed our intimate conversations about our passion for art.

I plan to keep the gallery website updated with artists I represent and current projects, and Howard House, LLC as an art advisory service for curatorial endeavors, art consulting, appraisal and resale.

Thank you for all your support.

Billy Howard

Joey Veltkamp said...

Thanks for posting this Billy. I'm glad you'll continue in some form. :)