Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday night!

Okay Seattle - the days of not having any options are over. Waaay over. It's become pretty overwhelming with all the multiple amazing things happening on almost any given night. This creates a lot of conflicts and that's kind of great actually. But it also means that we have to choose between things and that's real hard for some of us. (Or if you don't choose and try to make it to everything, you're simply going to exhaust yourself, get sick and no one wants that. Plus, you'll end up spending 15 minutes at each event before you have to run out to the next thing.) I have friends who are sheepishly telling me that they can't make it to BrüTübe tonight. Please don't ever feel bad if you can't make it one of my shows/events. We all have competing priorities and very busy lives.

Sketch by Erik Geschke, image via Gage

I constantly feel like I'm letting folks down or missing really amazing things. But the truth is that sometimes I'm a poor artist and can't afford gas to get to Kirkland. Or other times, friends are in town and we're going to dinner. Like most of us, I actually have some pretty tolerant friends who aren't involved in the art scene (gasp!) and I get missing them and need to relax and enjoy some non-art time. Sometimes, I'm simply exhausted and want to stay in and just read a book. And for the awesome folks who don't drive cars, do you know how stressful it is for them to have to figure out the bus schedule from Georgetown to Ballard or beg for a ride? The point is that we all have rich lives and we simply can't do everything, no matter how much we'd like to. And not making it to our friends' events doesn't make us bad people - it just means our lives require care and attention.

That all being said, I encourage you all to quit worrying about what you SHOULD do and start doing what you WANT to do. The entire artistic community will be better for it and we'll all be a bit more energized. If you want to check out BrüTübe tomorrow, we'd love to see you. But if you don't/can't/won't make it to Kirkland, you're in luck because there are lots of other things to do that might interest you.

installation shot of Peter B. Nguyen's exhibition at Suyama Space

Beth Sellars is making it easy for you overachievers who are trying to do multiple things. Start your evening out at Suyama Space to see Peter Nguyen's beautiful new show, Migration. The reception is from 5-7pm.

Have you seen love fear pleasure lust pain glamour death yet? If not, tonight's a pretty good night to check it out. Henry Art Gallery's Director Sylvia Wolf will be leading a "Highly Opinionated" Tour (and I'll bet she has some great opinions) from 6:30-7pm. Marisa Sánchez has curated an amazing show that should bring you to tears at least once (and if not, you might be a robot). And after the tour, stick around for a showing of Andy Warhol's Chelsea Girls.

Gage Academy of Art will be hosting a reception tomorrow for their new show Sketch and Repeat. This show is chock full of great artists like Dawn Cerny, Robin Crookall, Timothy Cross, Ryan Finnerty, Julia Freeman, Erick Geschke and Matthew Offenbacher. And to top it off, 2009 Neddy nominee Timothy Cross will be giving a talk at 7pm. I forgot to ask Lauren K. but I really hope that Dawn's inclusion means we might get to see this piece again!

No matter what you do tonight (art related or not), remember to be gentle on yourselves because you're awesome!

As usual, if I'm missing anything, please feel free to post it in the comments.


erin said...

You Are AweSome!

Troy Gua said...

Thanks for a great post, Joe. You're the best.