Thursday, May 20, 2010

Damien Jurado / Saint Bartlett

Saint Bartlett Band by the incomparable Sarah Jurado

I don't post a lot of music on my blog (mostly cause I'm a grandpa and never get out to see live music). But if I didn't have something on the books already for Friday, I'd be at Damien Jurado's Easy Street live performance. I fell in love with Damien Jurado's music a couple of years after I moved to Seattle. The first time I heard the song Ohio I cried. It's still my favorite song of his. But time moves on and 11 years later, this guy is making his best music yet. Don't believe me? Listen to this. If you can't make the in-store, Damien is kicking off a huge tour for his new album, Saint Bartlett, next Saturday (May 29th) at the Triple Door with members of Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground helping out.


sarah jurado said...

I love you sweet sweet Joey Veltkamp. We are both honored and stoked to know you.

Joey Veltkamp said...

Love is best when it's a 2 way street like ours. Thank you for your images and thanks to Damien for his music. You two are unstoppable and you know how I hate it when you're out of town! love, love, love!