Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cochon 555: Seattle / John Sundstrom

If you're not already familiar with it, Cochon 555 is a national tour organized by Brady Lowe that celebrates local food and wine. Participating cities like Boston, New York, Atlanta, Washington DC, Seattle, San Francisco + more, each select a winner (Prince or Princess of Porc) who will compete in the Grand Cochon event in Aspen this June.

Seattle is the only city that didn't sell out. In Portland, the event started a fight that included a headbutt and a fractured tibia. As we were recounting the Portland drama last night, I said, "I'm so thankful that Seattle has John Sundstrom to set the tone for our chefs." So I'm especially pleased to announce that John Sundstrom is the winner of Seattle's Cochon 555.

In a world that rewards drama, bravado and in-fighting, it's so heartening to see good guys win. And they don't get better than John. An amazing chef and an amazing person, my love for Lark and John runs deep.

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