Monday, April 26, 2010

Seattle artists in the news

by Molly Norris (click to enlarge)

As a sign of solidarity for South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, Seattle artist Molly Norris has created a poster that has gotten lots of attention - both positive and negative. It has been covered on numerous blogs (including Andrew Sullivan, SLOG) and here's a KIRO interview. Molly's initial goal was to push a few boundaries and to make a larger point about personal expression. However, since the poster's creation, it has taken on a life of its own. Someone created a Facebook page that's now full of negative comments. And that spawned its own protest Facebook page. Molly just wanted to make a point (that I agree with) that it's important to take risks for things we believe in. If you've ever met Molly, you already know she's about as nice as they come. She's updated her website with a new cartoon that expresses her anxiety around all the drama. Big hugs to Molly!

Until It Completely Runs Out, 2010 by Elias Hansen

My friend Dave sent me a link this morning with a reminder that we almost never see Seattle in the Artforum Picks. But this month, Stephanie Snyder writes about Elias Hansen's show, We Used To Get So High. It's a great show that dramatically alters the layout of Lawrimore Project.
"Elias Hansen’s work possesses a threatening and pungent pitch. A native of the Northwest and an accomplished glass artist, for the past six years Hansen’s gritty, libertarian aesthetic has offered the region a critical antidote to the candy-colored daydreams of the Chihuly School." - Stephanie Snyder
The show is up through May 8th.

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