Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nixe by Sharon Arnold

Nixe by Sharon Arnold

is the fruit of a project I started in December, Chimaera, after installing the show We Built This to Leave at Vermillion. At the time, I had begun to think of these obsessive stitches and rows of data and language as something teeming with life and texture, and started cutting the lines of Undergrowth with a razor as opposed to drawing or sewing them. As each tab of paper sprang away from its root, I was already thinking about the implication of fur and the layers beneath it. The piece changed further as I began Harbinger, turning these marks into long strands more abundant than their source - in this case the sheets of paper from which they were stripped and rendered. It seemed like a natural progression to start thinking of these marks as the whorling fur of a pelt, and I started to wonder which creatures these would be from.

This is a body of work which started in language but has now turned into a nearly figurative representation of mythology. The organic patterns and clusters are still clearly rooted in a sequence, but it's one that is no longer mathematically constructed or "man-made"; it's less systematic and more intuitive.

While Chimaera is the beginning sketch of sublime creature which fills us with fear and awe, Nixe is a compelling archetype, a character rooted in beauty but with a deceptive and possibly dangerous nature. Nixe are water sprites, an alluring temptation with either dire consequences or infinite blessings. As with the most favoured and timeless mythologies, it is our choice which makes all the difference in the outcome." - Sharon Arnold


sharon said...

Joey, thank you for posting! :)

Joey Veltkamp said...

Aw, thanks for doing it - it's such a beautiful piece!

Amanda said...

This is definitely one of her most stunning cut pieces to date, I think!