Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Margie Livingston, 2010 Neddy Artist Fellowship

LARGE DRAPE (2009) by Margie Livingston
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A big congratulations to 2010 Neddy Artist Fellow (Painting), Margie Livingston! I've written about her lots this past year. She's both an amazing artist and person. I think it's quite a small group of folks who have won both The Betty Bowen and The Neddy (Cris Bruch, Brian Murphy and now Margie).

262 ANGLES MOSTLY BLACK (2010) by Margie Livingston
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Also, all of us (Margie, Ken Kelly, Matthew Offenbacher and myself) will be in an upcoming exhibition at Tacoma Art Museum celebrating 15 years of the Neddy Artist Fellows. To mark the celebration, all previous Neddy winners will also show a piece or two.
Tacoma Art Museum
June 5 - Aug 22, 2010
Opening June 5th


Juan Alonso-Rodriguez said...

Congratulations to Margie and the rest of the nominees! See you all at the show in June.

Bond Huberman said...

Thanks for letting us know, Joey! Looking forward to seeing the show at Tacoma Art Museum.