Friday, April 9, 2010

Kimberly Trowbridge / The Painting Center

Susanna by Kimberly Trowbridge

It's no secret I love Kimberly Trowbridge! And I'm definitely not alone. She's been invited to show in the Project Space of The Painting Center in New York City. But she broke her arm and collarbone last month and can't build her frames like she normally would. In order to pay for the frames (and some crates), she's hoping to raise some fast money. The project budget is $2500. She's applied for a grant to help fund the show, so fingers crossed.

No one likes asking for money. Certainly not Kimberly, but it's also really nice to know that the community is there to support each other. You never know when you might get a golden opportunity and need some fast cash. Consider it as investment into your future. And if twenty folks each donate $25, she's already met her goal and immediately doubles her money. And if folks pitch in more, maybe she could even hit a museum or two. I'm donating for sure!

I'm always just so happy when Seattleites get to show in NYC. I'm damn proud to have Kimberly reppin for the NW!

How to donate via PayPal:

You can follow this PayPal link: and use a credit card to make an easy donation.You do NOT need a PayPal account to do this. You do NOT need to log in. Under the Personal tab choose Send Money. Use my email: as recipient and under Personal, choose Gift.

And if you're uncomfortable using PayPal, you can email Kimberly and she'll send you her address and you can mail a check.

Also, if you're in NYC, the show is up June 8 - July 3. Opening: Thursday, June 10th.


Kimberly Trowbridge said...

thank you for posting this dear joey!

harold hollingsworth said...

sending my check out monday!