Monday, April 12, 2010

Jennifer Campbell / Point No Point

Tree-swings, rainbows and sprinklers? I'm already hooked.

In her new show Point No Point at Gallery4Culture artist Jennifer Campbell creates rain, makes Mt. Rainier erupt, turns into a lighthouse, walks on clouds and becomes a rainbow. The 5 pieces in this show (2 photographs and 3 videos) are each built around one of these actions.

Point No Point (2010) by Jennifer Campbell, image via

My favorite (it's so hard to pick) is the title piece, Point No Point. In this video, Jennifer (wearing a wetsuit) enters a lake, walks a ways out and climbs onto a submerged boulder. Here she pulls out a flashlight, aims it at the camera and becomes a lighthouse. The action is so simple but the message feels profoundly poetic. What is she trying to communicate? Is it a warning? Or is she just standing in the middle of lake in the middle of nowhere beaming her message to the universe?

Rainbow (2010) by Jennifer Campbell

Rainbow is a photo of a person doing a back flip in a verdant park. The figure is wearing striped clothing that creates a rainbow effect when in motion. I've been mildly obsessed with rainbows lately so watching someone turn into a one is about the coolest thing ever.

If you haven't already done so, you should head on down to Gallery4Culture (open M-F, 9-5) to see them in person. I think this show is amazing and I wouldn't be surprised if we see Jennifer showing at Western Bridge in the near future.

Updated 4/18 - great review by Gary Fagin on Artdish.

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