Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Continuing Cultural Legacy

installation shot

If you follow local arts, you probably already know that Safeco Insurance had been slowly amassing a private collection of art over a 30 year period.

Earlier this spring, Safeco donated 840 pieces of art from Northwest artists to consortium of museums. The Washington Art Consortium is a group of museums scattered across the state that banded together in 1975 to purchase art collections that they would share as a group. By donating to WAC, Safeco has ensured that important Northwest works made by local artists will stay local.

As a tribute to Safeco, Beth Sellars has curated an exhibition of art by 85 contemporary and historical artists spanning a 100 year period.

The show is up now through June 25. To celebrate, Wright Exhibition Space will have extended hours. In addtion to their normal gallery hours of Thursday and Friday (10am-2pm), they will also be open on Saturday, May 22 & Saturday, June 19 (10am-2pm).

The Wright Exhibition Space
407 Dexter Avenue North, Seattle

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