Saturday, April 17, 2010

Capitol Hill Light Rail

installation by DK Pan (image via)

CHS is reporting that artist DK Pan has been selected as the lead artist for the construction walls around the Capitol Hill light rail station. Construction has already started and is estimated to take up to five years. This will be a long-term, evolving art installation located in the center of the hill. And as DK Pan said, "And ultimately, this project for me is all about love." Here's the current call for art.

One proposed component will be a story/memory walls. I think that's great - all the changes on the hill (especially around Broadway) have made folks really nostalgic. I've been hearing all sorts of stories lately about how things "used to be". It will be nice to have a place to collect these memories.

proposal by Mike Ross (image via)

Also, once the light rail station opens up, it will include art by Ellen Forney and Mike Ross. The last I heard, Ellen was going to be painting some of her amazing hand/finger murals and Mike Ross has proposed cut-up/neutered warplanes rearranged in an organic form. Dominic Holden wrote about it here.

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Lucas Spivey said...

It says the piece was written by Dominic Holden, not Jen Graves, and I'm surprised how rowdy the crowd was. Someone tell me why a bright pink, emasculating, chopped up anything wouldn't represent Capitol Hill?

Thanks for the heads up, I hadn't considered what the public art would be for this. Please DK Pan, no more light bulbs.