Thursday, April 8, 2010


BLESS THIS MESS (2010) by Josh Faught

Ever since I saw this new piece by Josh Faught at Greg Kucera last week, I haven't been able to quit thinking about it. I have a real sweet spot for fiber arts. My aunt Anna owned a store called "Yarn and Needle Arts" in Bozeman, Montana during the 1970s. I'd spend my summers at her place making these killer macrame plant holders in earth tones with wooden beads. I loved brushing out the bottoms until they were super fluffy - I remember thinking, "Maybe I'll be a dog groomer when I grow up.".

After watching Josh's lecture at the Betty Bowen Awards, I got the feeling that Josh must have fallen in love with the fiber arts at as a young, gay boy himself. His presentation included an amazing video of how to dye yarn an indigo color. When I was there last week, SAM still has this piece installed by the elevators. You can see more of his work online here.

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