Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Upcoming shows...

Daisey (white), Daisey (Grey)

Well, if you're looking for something to do this Thursday (and I doubt you are with everything going on), swing on by SAM Gallery for their Introductions show. I'll have five new pieces (2 paintings, 3 drawings), along with Julie Alpert, Emily Pothast, Kimberly Trowbridge and more.

Meet Greet Rinse Repeat by Troy Gua and The Collaborati

And then on 1st Thursday, I'll have a piece in Troy Gua's huge collaborative project at Monarch Contemporary. Nearly 50 artist personalized unique glyphs Troy designed. Should be an amazing show with lots of interesting takes. Here's more info.

And then I'll also have a collaborative piece with Lucy Alma Brennan as part of Strange Coupling VIII: Matches Made, where UW art students are paired with local artists. A really great roster of artists and interesting pairings (by Marisa Sánchez and Michael Van Horn).
Gala Bent :: Nuala Ni Fhlathuin
Heide Hinrichs :: Matt Hilger
Britta Johnson :: Christopher McElroy
Shawn Patrick Landis :: Sohroosh Hashemi
Kate Lebo :: Bryan Schoneman
Mike Pham :: Acacia Marable
Tim Roda :: Hanita Schwartz
Joey Veltkamp :: Lucy Alma Brennan
And don't forget about the post-1st Thursday party at the Hideout. Someone's going to win $500!

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