Sunday, March 14, 2010

Upcoming at SAM

Self-Portrait [with Skull], 1977, by Andy Warhol
Polaroid Polacolor (reprint), courtesy of the Andy Warhol Museum

I know that some folks are still a bit iffy about the idea of a museum show around Kurt Cobain, but I really think it's going to be great. I think it's a daring show for Michael Darling to put together. And if it were done anywhere else, I'd probably hate it. But because Seattle Art Museum is one of the few institutions that could pull it off, I'm really excited for it.

And I think some of their other upcoming programming really shines a light on how unique the Northwest is. For example, the Twilight phenomena has brought the name of Quileute Native Peoples into the forefront of popular culture. Barbara Brotherton has chosen to respond with Behind the Scenes: the Real Story of Quileute Wolves, a small exhibition that will address concepts of cultural appropriation and present objects related to wolf imagery.

Additionally, to complement the Kurt show, Marisa Sánchez curated a show of media works by art-god Andy Warhol. Like Cobain, Andy was fascinated by themes of love fear pleasure lust pain glamour death (conveniently, that's the title of the exhibit).

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