Thursday, March 25, 2010

A pair of great shows...

Every time I go out lately, one of these two shows comes up. Both open up on April 1st.

Julie Alpert & Erin Shafkind

OHGE, Ltd. will be opening a wonderful group show called You're So Cool, curated by Erin Toale. This show examines the uniting themes between artists' work such as structure, mythology, temporary vs. permanent, etc. There are 16 artists, including Sharon Arnold, Garek Druss, Eric Elliott, Whiting Tennis, Christopher Hoff, Daniel Carrillo and a dozen more.

Glyphland by Troy Gua & Cable Griffith

Troy Gua & The Collaborati present Meet Greet Rinse Repeat. This show would be amazing if only for the sheer amount of work Troy has had to do to make it happen. Have you ever tried to wrangle a group of 50 artists? It's a nightmare! This show takes a look at communication through a series of glyphs. For each artist, Troy designed and hand cut a unique glyph. The artists then poked, cut, painted, added to, and a bunch of other things to create a really cool collaboration. There will be nearly 50 of these at the show - at least one makes noise. Should be quite a spectacle. Artists include Harold Hollingsworth, Robert Hardgrave, Molly Norris, Damon Mori, Amanda Manitach, Cristin Ford, Erin Frost, Ken Kelly, Saya Moriyasu, Warren Dykeman and tons more!


shauniqua said...

serious buzzin, these two.

(oh, and 'Cable Glyphith' was all troy! i was just lol'in!)

Troy Gua said...

Thanks for the cred, 'Niqua. ;)

Cable Griffith said...

Hey Thanks Joey for the image post! I had no clue that you posted this before the SDC... I'm honored you put up my image for a show with so many kick ass artists and pieces! Also, it was really fun hanging out and drawing and singing x-mas carols today. Looking forward to doing it again sometime.

Joey Veltkamp said...

Oh you bet - I love the piece. Yes, you are a very good caroler. I look forward to more of that. And you make a wicked treehouse. (How many skillz you got?)