Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Guard - March

Hi folks! Barring any unforeseen circumstances like month, the next New Guard dinner is a go for Sunday, Mar 28 at The Sanctuary in West Seattle.

Chef Tyler Palagi

This month, we'll have chef Tyler Palagi (and pastry chef Garrett Melkonian, both from Spring Hill) cooking up dinner for us. If you haven't been to Spring Hill (or Kurtwood Farms, where he also cooks) yet, you're in for a yummy surprise.

Stumpy by Chauney Peck

Chauney Peck is probably best known for her beautiful ‘paintings’ of collaged vinyl, each one depicting a pile of garbage around the city. Her art frequently questions how humans impact their environment. Peck’s latest work involves letting her work develop using chance and intuition as tools for creation. She has shown at SOIL, Gallery4Culture, Helm Gallery and more. She has a new show, Bang, Universe, Everything, opening up March 31 at SOIL.

Christopher Mansfield

"You may have heard these sweet sad songs of Chris's played under another name; but for our New Guard event we've convinced him to share his songs solo, acoustic. Damien [Jurado] often says the best test of a songwriter is to strip away everything to the bare bones, to see if it still holds up. Christopher passes, with flying colors. The kid who was once 'Forever Bummed' has turned the tide, and his songwriting has more depth and soul than ever before. " - Music Co-curator Sarah Jurado.

The ticket email goes out this morning. If you haven't signed up for the list yet, head over to

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