Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Made in U.S.A. / Greg Kucera Gallery

I love it when galleries have shows with all their artists. Greg Kucera Gallery's latest show, Made in U.S.A., reminds Seattleites that art is a product and that we should buy locally. Tons of great art with some of my personal favorites.

NOISE REDUCTION - A SIDE, 2010 by Victoria Haven

Victoria Haven seems to get more streamlined every year. I love these ink and watercolor paintings.

STUDY FOR SPIRAL BLOCK, 2010 by Margie Livingston

Margie Livingston continues her beautiful paint experiments. This branch of her work has been fascinating to watch develop.

YELLOW VEIL 3, 2010 by Katy Stone

Katy Stone continues to find fresh ways of animating her cut mylar/acetate pieces which always manage to capture the beauty of nature in such an unexpected way.

THE EDGE OF THE WORLD, 2010 by Claudia Fitch

Can we all just agree that no one can draw like Claudia Fitch?? I haven't ever heard anyone describe her work except in absolute glowing terms. She'll be having a retrospective in Pullman next January.

CO-DEPENDENCE, 2010 by Josh Faught

I'm happy to see Josh Faught's inclusion. I hadn't heard of him before last year's Betty Bowen win but I sure like the work. It'd be great if he'll start showing with Greg.

ALTER EGOS: COWBOY, 2009 by Mark Newport

I think there's a tender sweetness in this piece by Mark Newport. But it also kind of reminds me of this.

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