Monday, March 15, 2010

Learn to paint

Thieves: Pitbull (2008) by Mark Takamichi Miller
image via Howard House

At her recent artist salon, Kimberly Trowbridge set up the event almost like an art class. Not surprising at all since in addition to being an awesome artist, she's a full time instructor, too. It was a marked contrast from the other salons and I really enjoyed it. It got me thinking about maybe taking some art classess down the road. But then whenever I go to the class schedules, the cheapskate in me is always put off by the couple hundred price tags. I know it's totally worth it but it always demotivates me.

Enter Mark Takamichi Miller. Mark, as you probably know, is amazing artist who really pushes the limits of paint. He makes some of the most charmingly weird paintings I've seen. And he's all set up in his new Georgetown studio and ready to teach you to paint! Mark's format is really non-threatening and a good fit for all levels. His classes alternate between experimental and figure painting, depending on what you're looking for.

If you've been on the fence, I recommend checking out his studio and taking a couple classes (a 4 class punch card is only $200 - including all the supplies you need!). So you'll get a 3 hour class, with materials provided, for only $50. That's a really great deal!


Also, if you have children (or adults) that would like private lessons, contact artist Sharon Arnold - she's great!